Student Eligibility

To submit an application for the Oldham County Community Scholarships you must meet these general eligibility requirements:

  1. Applicant must be an Oldham County resident.
  2. Applicant must receive a high school diploma or GED within the scholarship year.
  3. Applicant must have a minimum GPA 2.0.
  4. Applicant must attend an accredited college, university or technical school after graduation (2 year or 4 year). This requirement does not apply to the Arts Association Oldham County scholarship.
  5. Applicants must not have tuition and room/board costs paid for in-full by other scholarships, grants or financial aid. OCCS scholarship money must be applied toward the cost of tuition.

In addition to these general eligibility requirements, each sponsor has specific requirements. For example, several scholarships require an essay, attendance at a specific school, or that you are pursuing a specific major. Most of the Oldham County school PTA’s or PTSA’s will award their scholarship(s) to a graduate of NOHS, OCHS, SOHS, or Buckner Alternative and they require PTSA membership – however, there are several other scholarship opportunities.

When scoring applications, sponsors may review such areas as academics (with weighted GPA’s), extra-curricular activities, volunteer service, and work experiences; however, some sponsors will apply more points towards some of these areas than others.

You are responsible for ensuring that all supporting documents are submitted by the deadline. Oldham County Community Scholarships reserve the right to process only applications that are complete as of the application deadline.

When Is The Application Period?

Our application is available February 1st and can be submitted up to the deadline of March 1st. Only complete applications will be considered for awards. On February 1, you will be provided a link to begin the application process.

What To Do Before Beginning the Application

Prepare for the scholarship application process by compiling your employment, volunteer, and extracurricular activities and working hard your senior year. Be sure you have reference names and contact information for each of your activities and employment during high school.

Terms of Agreement

By registering with Oldham County Community Scholarships (OCCS) I agree that:

  • I am a high school senior graduating in the current year.
  • all information provided on this application is accurate and truthful and complies with the Eligibility Requirements.
  • I have permission from my parent or guardian to submit this application.
  • I authorize the release of my transcripts and ACT/SAT results for examination by the award review committee.
  • I agree to permit OCCS to confer with my post-secondary institution to verify my enrollment during the term of my award.
  • I understand this is a one-year, non-renewable award that I must use for my freshman year, unless I delay entrance. Should I fail to attend a post-secondary institution, I understand that my scholarship award will be null and void. (The Arts Association may make an exception to participation at an institution.)
  • If I am offered a renewable award, I will comply with the requirements or forfeit the award.
  • If I am offered and accept an award from OCCS, I give consent to the portrait studio (that is processing senior portraits) to release a copy of my senior portrait to the OCCS Board to use during the OCCS awards program. (If I did not get a senior portrait taken, I will provide a professional-like photo to OCCS in early May.)
  • If I am offered and accept an award from OCCS, OCCS and my scholarship sponsor may use my name, photograph or likeness, the name of my community, the name and address of my school, the amount of the award, and the name of the post-secondary institution I will attend in press releases, public announcements, and other fundraising or promotional materials in all media (including the Internet), to advance the non-profit objectives of OCCS.
  • I understand attendance at the Award Ceremony is mandatory and that I will risk losing the award(s) if I am not present at the ceremony or if I did not designate an alternate to represent me.

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