About Us

Oldham County Community Scholarships’ (OCCS) Board of Directors is comprised of community leaders who are passionate about encouraging Oldham County’s students to pursue higher education with the support of their community. These same community volunteers served on the Oldham County Dollars for Scholars Board of Directors, a non-profit scholarship organization that was established in 2004. Oldham County Dollars for Scholars was a hugely successful scholarship program in Oldham County and was awarded Chapter of the Year for 2012 by its affiliate Scholarship America.

With growth and success comes change. The Oldham County Dollars for Scholars board voted in the fall of 2013 to form an independent non-profit scholarship program, one that would eliminate membership fees and other related costs associated with being affiliated with a national scholarship program.

Oldham County’s students are now served by Oldham County Community Scholarships. The new organization will be able to accommodate sponsors’ requests for awarding their scholarships while keeping operating expenses to a minimum.

OCCS proudly awards 100% of our sponsors’ scholarship money to graduating seniors. The only charge to sponsors is a nominal processing fee of $25. Any other operating expenses come from fund raising that OCCS does throughout the year. Any overage of fundraising monies is put into our general scholarship fund, which then funds additional scholarships to graduating seniors.

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